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The start of a New Year

Two 365’s at once? I must be mad! Well from now until the end of the 2010 365 that is exactly what I will be doing. So two shots for today. The first is a New Years Day recovery shot with a nice bottle of Gentleman Jack in the background. This is my first shot for the 2011 365

The second shot is part of the Cliche Saturday treasure hunt, I chose the theme Bare Feet as I had access to Sam’s feet, which are much more photogenic than mine!

365 day 352

A warm goodbye to 2010. This took a number of attempts given the slightly unpredictable nature of things on fire, eventually I settled on one I took near the start of the set. Taken with the Canon 100mm Macro(again!) using nothing but the light of the flames. I managed to not burn my house down, by more luck than judgement.

365 days 345-351; A catch up post!

Well what with Christmas and then being ill for two days, it’s been a while since I last updated these pages. This post is just a summary of the images I have used for my 365 in the days missing from the blog, hopefully normal service will resume tomorrow!

What’s in here? (346/365)

Rose petal canyons (347/365)

Flush with pure joy (348/365)

Back to the day job (349/365)

Golden Bubble Bokeh (350/365)

Aqua Vitae (351/365)

365 day 345

A nice Christmas shot for today, I had thought of going out and doing a landscape, but decided that as I hadn’t had the opportunity to do a “proper” festive shot that Christmas Eve was probably the time to be doing it! Taken with the Tokina 11-16 while laying on the floor, actually shot at 16mm rather than as wide as it would go as I was getting to much of my kitchen and living room into shot! Only a short blog entry today(and if I’m honest probably none tomorrow or Boxing day) as I still have Christmas preparations to make.

365 day 344

Highspeed! First time in a while for a highspeed, short duration flash\long exposure image. I decided to make use of the lemon and lime pieces from yesterday and some milk I needed to use up as it was going to go stale before Christmas. The shot was taken using the 100mm Macro lens(fast becoming my most used lens!) lighting was via the YN560 and YN460ii strobes. I’m hoping to get time to post a blog entry on how I take my highspeed shots that will hopefully give a bit more detail.

365 day 343

After having done a couple of days of macro shots, I thought I’d go for something a bit different. I’d bought a lemon and a lime at the weekend with the intention of using them for some fruit drop shots, but I decided to cut them into slices and balance them on top of each other. I liked the effect but couldn’t work out a way of getting a shot that had a bit more too it, I tried lighting them in different ways and putting fairy lights around them, nothing really seemed to be working. They also kept falling over and I guess this is how my thought process ended up with them being in the fruit circus, don’t ask me why my mind works like this, it just does!

Shot using the Canon 100mm macro and using my YN560 for a bit of fill light along with the gold reflector bottle top on the left.

365 Day 342

Today’s shot uses a technique called focus stacking, the idea behind this is to maximise the depth of field in a macro image. Even with a small aperture of f22 it can be difficult to get the entire subject in focus using a macro lens. Even if you can get the entire subject in focus at such a small f -stop you will often find that the end result lacks sharpness due to diffraction. With focus stacking multiple exposures at different focal distances are combined in software to provide an image that has front to back sharpness across the depth of the subject.

I choose the pine cone, because I find them to be quite interesting from a photographic perspective and also because they have nice interesting shape. The final image is a composite of 8 images stitched together in a piece of software called CombineZM, which is available from here, a newer version of this software called CombineZP is also available but I haven’t tried this. Apart from the combine no other PP was used in the creation of this shot.

365 day 341 Macro Monday

The Macro Monday theme for this week was “Nightmares”, another tricky one to illustrate in macro form, I was really struggling to come up with something that fitted the theme and was also not a) badly Photoshopped or b) not really a macro. In the end inspiration for the shot came from the BBC news, an unlikely source of photographic inspiration. There was a report on around the recent snowfall and how this had closed airports and disrupted travel. The reporter described the situation for stranded travellers as an “absolute nightmare” and an idea was born.

The shot was taken handheld using my Canon 100mm Macro, in PP I cropped it to square and upped the blacks and exposure to give it a more high key look.

365 day 340 with added Sliders and Worms eye Sunday

Another snowy day in Brighton today, so my only choice was another bit of Macro work. Luckily mum’s garden once again supplied the shots, for the first time in ages I got at least 10 shots that I could have picked for the 365. In the end I went for the shot of some frozen water droplets on a leaf.

Sunday is also Worms Eye View and Sliders group days, I normally try and combine this into one shot, but today I went for two different ones. The Worms eye was taken a while back in Sheffield Park and features a very friendly and co-operative Robin, Sliders(which was a very lazy bit of sliding!) was a leaf I shot at the park last week.

Worms Eye


365 day 339 with added Cliche Saturday

I don’t often get a chance to do a 365 shot in the Cliché Saturday group, but due to some unusual circumstances I was able to get a shot in this morning. The concept for this has been floating around in my mind for ages and ages. Getting a hat and beard was the first challenge; everywhere sells Christmas hats, but could I find a beard anywhere? Eventually my mother saved the day, as only mothers can, and managed to find me a hat and beard combo.

The shot was taken using my nifty fifty as it’s great for these kind of portrait shots, but I also wanted to achieve a shallow DoF, with only the glass in focus and Santa-Me in bokeh form. The shot was lit using my two strobes, one ceiling bounced and one wall bounced. Purchase for next year will be a proper flash stand set with brolly and bracket so I can get some glare free direct light!