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A confused man writes….

This is a new one for me, when I write a blog post it’s normally with the desire to pass on some knowledge or to provoke thought. Today’s post is caused by bewilderment, it’s not an angry post, I want to make that clear right from the start. It’s also not meant to be misogynist, although the subject will be the female of the species. This is me, as a 30 something man asking a simple question of “WHY?!”

The question is…..

Why are there so many female orientated flickr groups? Everyday there seems to be a new one. Shutter Sisters, Mortal Muses(Winner of the most pretentious group name in the history of the world), The Shutter Divas, I’m “That” mom – I could go on but I don’t want to labour the point too much.

In the eye of the bewilderer

I genuinely don’t understand why there are so many, this isn’t an attack on why they exist, you’re free to create any group you like and people are free to join it. It’s more asking what the attraction is, clearly men don’t feel this desire. I don’t know of any male only groups, well apart from the nude model ones, but they aren’t really the same!

Minority report

Do the women of Flickr feel like they are some kind of minority group? In my experience people form mutual support groups when they feel they are under represented and so band together to gain a stronger voice. Flickr doesn’t seem to have any public data on it’s  demographics so all I can go on are my contact list which has a ratio of 2:1 of females to males. Obviously not the best source for data in the world, I’d be interested in your own ratios if you’d care to post them in the comments? But in my experience women do not form a minority on Flickr.

Girls on film

There are a lot of very good female photographers. There are also a lot of very mediocre ones. But the same is certainly true of the men. I would guess that my own contacts ratios show that there is something interesting and vibrant going on for most female photographers – I tend to remove the boring and staid contacts, the people who churn out the same old tired shots again and again and again.

Humming the same old tune

If the groups were offering something different I’d understand the desire or the niche they fill. But as far as I can see the only thing they care about is that you happen to have been born without a Y chromosome.

So I return to the question I asked at the top of this blog – WHY?!